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St Martin’s House Is Where The Party Is At!

04 May St Martin’s House Is Where The Party Is At!

The St Martin’s House Grand Opening Party was a truly memorable event and a great opportunity to launch Covent Garden’s latest restaurant and bar hotspot.

Legend has it that St Martin was a saint by day and a sinner by night who liked to throw the most outrageous parties that people would travel far and wide to attend.
It seems St Martin’s House of present-day is very much following that trend.
This gorgeous eaterie is a real flurry of activity and makes for the perfect spot for lunch, dinner, after-work drinks, or a full-blown boogie on the dance floor.
With multiple floors to explore, a beautiful mezzanine area, and elegant decor throughout, St Martin’s House certainly has something for everyone.
Trust us, you’re going to love this place!
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