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The secret to winning new business for creative agencies

18 Apr The secret to winning new business for creative agencies

The art of winning new business has always been a fascinating topic of conversation.  However, in these somewhat difficult and challenging times for many businesses, winning new business is at the forefront of many organisations minds.

At Wonderful Communications our aim is to put the fun back into winning new business, we continue to help many companies to structure, implement and drive new business strategies – effectively building dialogue and converting prospects into income.

So whether you are a start-up creative agency or part of a global network, our aim is to aid you in targeting the right prospects at the right time and ultimately helping to win new business for you.

We understand the creative industry and can make a positive contribution to your business.

Below are a number of key points we hope will help creative agencies, start -ups and companies of all shapes, sizes and disciplines to use in order to help win that new business opportunity.

Agency Focus

In this cluttered creative agency market place you need to stand out from the crowd.  Find something to be your area of expertise. Just being a “full service highly creative marketing agency that offers outstanding service” isn’t enough any more. Show why your agency is different and be a leader in your field.

Make New Friends

We all know that people do business with people whom they like and trust. Make as many new friends as possible, this will pay off in the long run.

Effectively Communicate

Establish yourself with your target market by creating a dialogue on things that you have in common. You must be able to establish a relationship with lots of people.

Find Opportunities To Speak

Become a speaker to your target market, and educate people on both the changes hitting their market as well as the challenges they face. Make sure you provide solutions.

Create A New Business Spark

Hire an account executive, external consultant or an external new business resource. They will ultimately be responsible for building your agency awareness and creating large numbers of relationships with key prospects. This is the fastest way to build your agency brand with prospects. And that means more calls, which should result in more new business meetings which will hopefully lead to more new business for you.

Create A Single Sentence Description For Every Service / Idea

You should be able to fit in a 140-character Twitter post who you are and what you do? Clear and to the point will always win the day.

Focus On Benefits

This is important for creative agencies to remember. Your audience only cares about how your service will benefit them so lead with benefits rather than agency credentials and capabilities.

Use Plain English

Keep things simple. Try not to use jargon that clouds most presentations and meetings — terms like ‘best of breed’ or ‘synergy’ avoid if they have no relevance to you. Focus on language that is simple, clear and direct.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Being well prepared for your presentation, meeting or pitch shows confidence. When a presentation looks effortless it’s because that polish came after hours and hours of arduous practice. Some agencies are often forced to rely on spontaneity to provide creative energy for a pitch because they have spent all of their time on putting together the presentation and leave little or no time for rehearsal. Most unrehearsed pitches end up falling flat. Don’t make that same mistake!


Get the attention of your audience / key prospect and tell them they have a PROBLEM using a detailed story, shocking example, dramatic statistic or quotations.

Discuss Their Needs

Concisely EXPLAIN the problem to your key prospect, that it is significant, won’t go away by itself and convince your audience that their needs is a need for action. Once again, use examples, statistics and research.

Aim To Satisfy

You need to let your key prospect know that you have the SOLUTION.  Provide specific solutions that can be implemented to solve the problem.


Tell your prospect what will happen if your solution is IMPLEMENTED or what happens if it does not take place. Be visual and detailed.


Tell your prospect what action they can take personally to solve the problem.

Share The New Business Workload

Make new business everyone’s business within the agency that way it’s a shared responsibility.

For more information on how to win that new business opportunity please visit www.wonderful.uk.com


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