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Netflix popularity surges due to the COVID-19 lockdown

03 May Netflix popularity surges due to the COVID-19 lockdown

The government lockdown put in place to help reduce the spread of the Coronavirus global pandemic has also resulted in more of us watching a lot more TV.

Netflix, the popular streaming service was able to add approximately 15.8 million customers during the first quarter of the year.
This, in fact, is double the number of subscribers forecasted and now takes its total to 182.9 million at the end of March.

This was the company’s largest three-month hike in its 13-year history and solidified its place as an in-demand consumer service during these challenging times.

Netflix was certainly helped by the demand for its variety of hit series, documentaries and reality shows such as “Tiger King”, “Love is Blind” and “Money Heist” to name but a few.

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