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A Showcase Event Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas.

23 Sep A Showcase Event Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas.

The countdown to Christmas is well and truly underway and the Summer holidays seem a distant memory now.
With the festive season comes a copious amount of meetings, lunches, dinners, parties and functions to organise as well as attend. And if that wasn’t enough the fun and games of co-ordinating the annual Christmas party has its own challenges too.

At Wonderful Communications we are here to help EA’s, PA’s, VA’s, Office Managers, Event Managers and anyone else with the remit to make this happen.
Wonderful Communications are here to aid and support all EA’s and PA’s when venues are needed, events and functions to be turned around quickly, smoothly and efficiently.

However, we do subscribe to the belief that a showcase event should be for life and not just for Christmas.
We appreciate that many EA’s and PA’s simply don’t have the time to attend a number of showcase events when they are offered. But equally, trying to attend lots of events during one quarter of the year is also an unstable strategy.

Showcase events are important and we arrange a number of showcase events throughout the year.
We advise EA’s and PA’s to attend as many showcase events as possible but do this throughout the course of the year which is a much more sensible way to go.

With that said, we find that if EA’s and PA’s can introduce their showcase event duties as a lifestyle choice as opposed to another work duty, it makes life and the process so much easier and more enjoyable too.

In short, good showcase events are brilliant and have more advantages than disadvantages attached to them, so we advise EA’s and PA’s to try and make them work for you.

Our top three tips for attending showcase events are as follows;

* Attend showcase events that will work for you and your company. There is no point attending showcase events that you will never use or utilise.

* Make attending showcase events a lifestyle choice. This will be more of an informative and enjoyable experience for all parties included.

* Don’t leave attending showcase events to the last quarter of the year. Try and attend a good number of events throughout the year, so you build up a good contact base, network with key people and have a number of options for a range of events you may need to arrange throughout the year.

To attend our next showcase event please email us at info@wonderful.uk.com and we’ll add you to our free mailing list which will keep you updated on all future events, showcases and a variety of functions.

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