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Author: Jamie


30 Jan Luxurious Magazine meets with former British No.1 tennis champion, Tim Henman who serves up the latest on The Hideaways Club, luxury travel destinations, fine wines, Wimbledon Championships and why he’s enjoying his retirement so much?

LM: So Tim, please tell our Luxurious Magazine readers a little about The Hideaways Club and its offer? TH: The Hideaways Club is a brilliant alternative to buying a house abroad. It’s a shared ownership club where members invest in, and holiday in, beautiful homes from...

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04 Dec Sumptuous Offerings At The All New London Steakhouse Co. City

The well-established London Steakhouse Co.City combines impeccable food standards and outstanding table service, offering an unrivalled City dining experience.  The current London steakhouse restaurant landscape has never been so competitive and there is no shortage of fine dining eateries for meat lovers like myself to choose from. Therefore, I was looking forward...

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