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About This Project

Wonderful Communications, Conventions Malta, Mi Malta and Corinthia St George’s Bay held an intimate, virtual meeting with key UK corporates to showcase Malta as a M.I.C.E destination.

Lindsey from Conventions Malta started the evening by giving an overview of Malta and what the destination has to offer.

To ensure the UK corporates had a real taste of Malta, a wine tasting session was held by Karl Chetcuti from Meridiana Wines from the MCC in Valetta and it didn’t disappoint.

The UK corporates were sent the wines directly from Malta ready for the event and they really enjoyed the premium red and white wines.

Doug and Claudia from Mi Malta were also at the MCC venue and explained how their DMC helps corporate companies to run and manage a variety of events in Malta.

This was followed by an excellent presentation from Christopher and Estelle from Corinthia St George’s Bay and they touched on the benefits of the hotel and even showcased a brand new suite too.

There was an enthusiastic Q&A session at the end of the virtual presentation and the evening reached fever pitch with the prize raffle draw at the end.

A thoroughly delightful and informative evening was enjoyed by all and Malta is now firmly on the consideration list of those UK corporates that attended the virtual meeting.