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Levi Silvanie was invited to perform at Sofar Sounds London recently and his powerful vocal masterclass was well received by the intimate and attentive crowd.

Sofar Sounds was founded in 2010 and is currently based in 332 cities around the world and is a growing network of artists and music lovers alike.  It’s a simple but dynamic concept that brings together artist and music fans via unconventional and intimate spaces.

The sheer growth and popularity of Sofar Sounds has made it a challenge for music lovers to get into shows and for artists to be accepted to perform at shows too.

So when Levi Silvanie was invited to share his version of sunshine soul at Sofar Sounds London it was a dream combination in the making.

Levi’s first performance was based in Shoreditch and the environment where the show was hosted was a slick, urban space coupled with a serene and devoted crowd who really warmed to Levi’s effortless execution of his uplifting music. The pleasant and inviting sound of Levi’s opening track ‘Mente’ charmed the masses which left them wanting more.

His second performance was based in Camden in a beautiful residence that exuded elegance and grace.  The Sofar Sounds party, once again, were cool, calm, collected and joined Levi on a musical journey that saw them experience the energetic sound of the infectious track ‘Sigui Stima’ and the mellow and magical song ‘Take Flight’.

Levi ended his superb set with a tribute to the late Amy Winehouse, performing his own mighty version of ‘Back To Black’ which was so appreciated by the adoring group and Amy Winehouse fans too.  A fitting end to a wonderful evening at Sofar Sounds London located in the very area of the unofficial Queen of Camden and one of the best musical talents London has ever produced.

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